A fully decentralized NFT referral system on Ethereum.

How Derefz works


Mint one or more Derefz NFT to be able to claim (ETH) Rewards.

Share & Wait

Share your referral link, for others to mint using it.

Claim Rewards

Claim rewards on every mint made by youe referral link.

Derefz Rewarding Rules

Your reward will be calculated depending on
the number you minted .

One Mint    => 10% commission (.0105 ETH)
Two Mints   => 20% commission (.021  ETH)
Three Mints => 30% commission (.0315 ETH)
Four Mints  => 40% commission (.042  ETH)
Five Mints  => 50% commission (.0525 ETH)

Derefz Strategy

You can either send your link privately to your closest friends, or share it in your Discord alpha group, or just post it on Twitter for everyone to mint using it, it's really up to you. But whatever your strategy is, make sure to send it to the maximum amount of peaple.

Once someonce mints using your referral link you can go and claim your rewards directly from the smart contract or through the website.

The DEREFZ Roadmap

We are building an nft marketplace based on referral & affiliate marketing and our holders will get 50% of the website's revenue.

The Derefz marketplace smart contracts, circuits, and toolchain will be fully open sourced, so that everybody can see it in full transparency wagmi.

The Derefz marketplace smart contracts are unstoppable, there are no admins and no upgradability. Nobody including The initial developers.

The marketpalce interface will be hosted by the community on IPFS. It will be accessible as long as at least 1 user in the world is hosting it.

Marketplace Launch
DEREFZ marketplace will reward the derefz nft holders by giving them 50% of the website's revenue.

Our Team

Asmar Bacha

Founder & Developer
building Derefz World with code and knowhow


the designer
giving the Derefz their unique charm
and character

Frequently asked questions

How can I claim my rewards?
What is the supply and mint price?
What are the utilitiese of the NFT?